Quality Assurance

Quality of oysters and guarantee of food quality doesn't start at the processor. Cameron of Tasmania operated sea based leases are amongst the cleanest in Australia .

Our leases, situated in the South East of Tasmania are protected by forested country. There is no local agricultural activity that could cause effluent run off, rural and urban development is minimal. There are no large rivers or potential point sources for pollution events. Our cultivation technology ensures that no materials that can leach or taint our product are used.
Our cultivation trays are constructed from polyethylene and we do not use treated timbers which ensures no contamination in our sub-tidal growing area.
We are proud of the fact that Tasmanian shellfish are regulated under the "Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program" (TSQAP) our area has experienced only one lease closure in more than 30 years of operation. Our lease is classified as "Approved" under this Government run program.
In summary our environmental conditions are pristine.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Point [HACCP]
Once product is harvested it is graded and bagged at our depot, that is situated only 15 minutes from the lease. The oysters are washed and lightly tumbled to ensure the shell is clean, product is graded and counted, bagged and moved to refrigeration.
Of course HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) procedures are an integral component of compliance and quality assurance at this facility. Camerons of Tasmania maintain an effective record keeping system that ensures full trace back capability, even to the time of placement on the leases for cultivation.
We are extremely sensitive to the concerns of consumers and government in regard to food health and safety, and to that end strive to ensure that we supply safe, high quality product, always.
Cameron of Tasmania have been assessed and granted a Sustainable Certification for both its sites at Dunally, 286 Bay Road and Eagle Hawk Neck, Old Jetty Road.
The end product is something we can pride ourselves on calling 'special'.