The Cameron Family first ventured into the Oyster Industry in 1971 (over 30 Years ago) by purchasing their first oyster lease at Dunalley in the pristine water of Southern Tasmania.

After a few years of learning and acquiring the fine technique of oyster growing Cameron's soon saw the need to upgrade the existing growing systems and practices that were in place to improve efficiencies in the aquaculture industry. So work began on making Cameron's the only fully vertically integrated oyster producer in Australia.

By 1979 Cameron's had built and operated the first commercial oyster hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere and in 1980 the company commenced development of the first commercial production system in Australia for the growing of oysters in deep water.

Our Hatchery and Nursery is a major producer and supplier of seed oysters to Tasmania and South Australia. Our capability to supply from 3mm through 8mm all year round is unmatched in Australia. We have extensive land and sea based farm areas that were selected for their specific suitability to oyster culture. Product can be supplied from either our Tasmanian base or from our associated sites in South Australia.
This provides direct employment for over 30 people with a further 10+ indirectly employed by contract on-growers and oyster processors.
Cameron's have many valued and capable customers that distribute our product in most major centres across Australia. For those who are seeking supply, this can be achieved by contacting us for your closest outlet, or for direct supply where volumes warrant.
The Cameron family have a reputation of being innovative and forward thinking managers. As a result, their oyster operation is regarded as a leader in the industry. This reputation has been earned through the continual research and development Cameron of Tasmania undertakes.
If it's Cameron's it's quality